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Next Steps

 MCA is a place to believe, belong and be loved. Next Steps Ministry is designed to help you grow and mature as a Christian. If you’d like to be baptized in water, learn what your spiritual gifts are, and even get involved in ministry, visit our table in the gym.

Discover MCA
This is a more detailed look at church life at MCA with all the information you need about what, when, how and where you can get involved.

First Things First
Learn why we believe, what we believe, and how this impacts our lives and relationships. MCA is affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC), a fellowship of more than 1100 congregations across this nation. Get familiar with Pentecostal doctrine and beliefs so you are comfortable with the choice you have made.
This one hour class covers the basic doctrines of the faith: Salvation is found in Christ alone; Water baptism by immersion; Spirit baptism; the Lord’s Supper.

Guest Services
Every Sunday we welcome our first time guests by asking them to stand during the service & to fill out a card so we can have a record of their visit. They are then welcomed to our Guest Services table in the gymnasium following the service and meet with a Pastor and an MCA leader. They are also encouraged to enjoy a cup of coffee and make friends.

Sunday Ministries Volunteers
There is no better feeling of fulfilment than when you are reaching out to help others. MCA would not exist if not for the hundreds of volunteers who make things happen here. There is an opportunity just waiting for you; speak with Pastor Sabrina, ext.223 and discover the best place to start.

Bible Study
Wednesday evenings from 7:00pm-8:30pm.
Current Study: Book of Colossians

Ladies Bible Study happens every Thursday at 10:00am.

Membership Classes
Would you like to become an official member of MCA? If you have attended our Sunday services for a minimum of 6 months, and have given regularly of your tithes & offerings, these classes are for you. Please check our calendar for dates.