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Reach Out

 MCA is more than just a building at Neilson and Sheppard; the goal of our Reach Out initiatives is to invest in the health and vitality of our neighbourhood. We love to host events to give back to our community, offering a lifeline of friendship and faith for those who live nearby.

What do you need most right now? Friends? Family? Fun? From community events like Taste of Malvern and International Festival, to our Good Samaritan help, MCA is your best resource for meeting your needs now. Take a look through the list of our Reach Out ministries, and get involved. You’ll be glad you did!

Resource Centre
A Place For You is just that, a place where you can come and use all the resources that are made available to you. From resume help to settling down in Canada, we are here to help you! This resource centre is a not-for-profit, charitable organization that serves the community of Scarborough and its surrounding area with a variety of free community and support services.

The services are offered by trained and professional individuals who offer their time and skills to enrich the lives of the members of the community. Please visit us at 1143 Morningside Avenue (Unit #9) or call us at 416.208.5396.


We are a missions-minded church and understand that reaching the lost is the heartbeat of God. We desire to fulfill the Great Commission both at home and overseas. Every year we offer people the opportunity to go on several short-term missions' trip around the world. These are our missions' trips for 2017: Guatemala (May), Dominican Republic (August) and Jamaica (November).

We support 7 missionary families around the world every month. For more information about out missionaries please visit the ABOUT US page on our website. Every March and October our focus is Missions. Our goal is to raise funds for specific projects both in our community and around the world. In the month of October we come together by celebrating our unity and diversity with an International Festival; a night of various artistic expressions and food!

Adoption is for everyone, because there are no orphans in God's family. MCA is strategically located at the intersection of Neilson and Sheppard, right in the heart of Malvern. The area divides perfectly into 7 districts; each one led by an MCA Pastor and a Deacon, along with volunteers from the congregation. We walk the streets; we connect with our neighbours and we take to heart the concerns people share with us. Follow the Adopt-A-Street links or contact an MCA Pastor to apply for your opportunity to participate.

Church Plants
As a part of our vision statement one of our goals is the enlargement of our territory with the planting of 7 brand new churches. To date, the Lord has enabled us to plant the following 4 churches:

      Morningside Heights Christian Fellowship - Pastor Bernice Dilmohamed
      Location: Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati Catholic School (8 Seasons Drive, Scarborough, ON.)
      Link: VIDEO

      Mik'maq Work - Pastor Fern Chapman
      Location: Castle Bay, Nova Scotia
      Link: WEBSITE

      Campus Church - Pastor Mark Devanathan
      Location: University of Toronto (1265 Military Trail, Scarborough, ON.)
      Link: INSTAGRAM

      Highland Creek Community Church - Craig and Melissa Lovatt
      Location: Highland Creek Public Library (3550 Ellesmere Road, Scarborough, ON.)
      Link: Coming Soon
      For more information contact Craig at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Community Care
We team up with Community organizations to make Malvern a better place to live and do business. We offer support to our local councillor, emergency responders, schools, businesses, food banks and shelters.

If you’re ready to be more than just an armchair athlete, why not come out to one of MCA’s many sports offerings? We provide a variety of sports which currently include men's soccer, men's ball hockey, men's basketball, co-ed volleyball, seniors fitness, and youth basketball. We’ll keep you active, and help you meet other sports fans in the church and community. Please contact Pastor Brian Foerster at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Care Groups
We all love to feel ‘cared for’ and MCA accomplishes this with Care Groups; 10 to 12 people getting to know each other on a deeper level than what is possible during a Sunday service. There are many Care Groups already in operation; probably one in your neighbourhood. For more information, call Pastor Sam Vijayasenan @416.284.4853, ext.279 and find the best one for you to join.

If you would like to search for a Care Group that best suits you needs, please check out our Care Group Finder. Here you will be able to search through the various groups that are available here at MCA.

If you would like more information about our Care Groups program, please download this Info Booklet: Care Groups Informational Booklet

Water Baptism
Two mandatory classes (1 hour each in length) are offered to prepare you for the ‘Next Step’ in your Christian walk. Candidates will be baptized during a Sunday service in the spring or fall. Please check our calendar for upcoming dates.

If you are interested in being a part of our next Water Baptism Service, you can download this application form and submit it into the Main Office: Water Baptism Application Form

If you would like more information, please contact the church for details.

Jesus said, “My house will be called a house of prayer”. Every Tuesday evening at 7:00pm (Hour of Power); Wednesday morning at 10:00am; Friday evening at 7:00pm; Sunday morning pre-service prayer at 8:45 & 11:00am, many gather together for corporate prayer. All are welcome.

Taste of Malvern
Are you hungry? Every year, on Labour Day, MCA showcases Taste of Malvern. Lots of games, fun rides, a petting zoo, food, entertainment and so much more! It’s a carnival in our very own parking lot!

Good Samaritan
At MCA we want to help the elderly, single parent families and anyone who needs practical help. If you have a need; work to be done in your home; someone to drive you to special appointments or to cook some meals for you, call on us! Many of you will want to donate some of your time and resources to helping others; please contact us at www.mcassembly.com or call 416.284.4853, ext.279.

Corner Store
Our Corner Store is located in the main lobby of the church and is open every Wednesday evening from 7-8:30pm and on Sundays from 10:30-11:30am & from 1:00-2:00pm. You can purchase books, shirts, and other MCA branded goods. You can also sign-out teaching series & bible studies on DVD. All of the proceeds go to support Missions at home and overseas.